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Our in-house family day care provides children with opportunities to play and socialize with other kids their age. Being able to work with others shows them how to have better behaviors and teaches them to become team players. They learn how to share, play and learn well together while their personalities emerge and minds grow. It is a well-supervised facility with experienced teachers who encourage free thinking and provide kids opportunities to form personalities and to grow as individuals. Our facility is a place where kids are provided with a sequence of different fun and learning activities that include singing and storytelling. These activities are crucial to a child’s intellectual growth and development, especially for toddlers. The structured times for playing, eating and napping also help shape a toddler’s behavior which could benefit parents at home as well. Smiley kids home uses free play and story time, singing, and other engaging activities to introduce the fundamental concepts of alphabets and numbers. This will help your child to adjust to their formal schooling. 


12150 Blue Topaz Ln​​​

Fairfax, VA 22030


Mobile: 571-263-9704

Please Note:

Our day care is following all the 

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines.

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